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Hi, I'm Dylan. I love to talk but it's seldom about anything important. This I want to change. This is a place where I write things about me and then end it with this:

That's all.
  1. archiemcphee:

    We aren’t certain what the specific purpose is for an army green 309 Triceratops mounted on four rugged wheels (that is, aside from radiating an atmosphere of raw awesomeness and making people smile and roar), but we sure wish we could take a ride on it. We’d even settle for a ride inside its mouth.

    Look closely and you’ll see that this incredible vehicle got its start as a humble tractor and appears to be fully functional. It was recently spotted on the streets of Shoreditch, London and was created by Alex ‘Wreckage’ Wright for the MUTOID WASTE COMPANY.

    Check out video of the 309 Triceratops Tractor in action here!

    [via Obvious Winner]

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